Tw2-Tools will definitely close on 16/12/2018

Tribes ranking
RankTribeMembersVillagesPointsTotal bash
1-P-801 78710 008 33745 359 233
2-C-407864 429 85720 365 520
3RiP325993 512 01023 351 521
4B-P755722 310 8527 917 117
5DU*222551 229 40211 075 492
Players ranking
RankPlayerVillagesPointsTotal bash
1TooS78490 296861 660
2commandante0568396 127354 032
3-Brothers in Arms-57382 5752 474 724
4Chhogori52355 2961 435 819
5db8453344 1552 135 388
Latest News
This is the end...
Hello Tribal Warriors !

I opened Tw2-Tools 4 years ago. It has been a great experience and I met a lot of good people.

Unfortunately, Innogames has never helped me to host, maintain and improve this website. Moreover, they forbade me to set ads to self-finance it.

All good things have an end. That's why I decided to close Tw2-Tools. It will be definitely closed on 16/12/2018.

Thanks to all who supported me !

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