Tribes ranking
RankTribeMembersVillagesPointsTotal bash
1MFD723 54822 578 533156 761 131
2gg.1171 3687 266 97677 773 494
3WoF36205813 26011 505 387
4IDT32123363 6842 414 627
5ACN794492 3024 521 775
Players ranking
RankPlayerVillagesPointsTotal bash
1Dark HsarC166759 8641 968 713
2King Darich137979 7233 880 450
3CamIsAwesome107685 4414 253 735
4CvongHell107849 6116 979 049
5George07R115753 5153 259 644
Latest News
Version 0.23 : 1 year!
On November 16th, 2014, I opened Tw2-Tools to the public for the first time. So it's been over a year since you can use it.

To celebrate this first year, I had to deliver an exciting new release. Discover now version 0.23:
  • Conquests
  • List of the player's worlds
  • Player search on all worlds

Feel free to share your comments on our new Facebook page:

We hope you enjoy this update!
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Map generator
The map generator tool allows you to see a picture of all the villages of the world. You can assign colors to tribes and players of your choice
This tool allow you to see all conquests of this world
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See information for this world
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