Tribes ranking
RankTribeMembersVillagesPointsTotal bash
1-V-10189 5902 161
2WRS6126 60611 798
3J4F121 60310
Players ranking
RankPlayerVillagesPointsTotal bash
1NORThaarr21 7074 908
2Paulus Junior21 60310
3Wachita21 368140
4youngwolf9421 3254
5Stonwally21 2590
Latest News
Version 0.23 : 1 year!
On November 16th, 2014, I opened Tw2-Tools to the public for the first time. So it's been over a year since you can use it.

To celebrate this first year, I had to deliver an exciting new release. Discover now version 0.23:
  • Conquests
  • List of the player's worlds
  • Player search on all worlds

Feel free to share your comments on our new Facebook page:

We hope you enjoy this update!
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Map generator
The map generator tool allows you to see a picture of all the villages of the world. You can assign colors to tribes and players of your choice
This tool allow you to see all conquests of this world
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