Tw2-Tools will definitely close on 16/12/2018

Tribes ranking
RankTribeMembersVillagesPointsTotal bash
1ПУХ1121 1804 885 69023 001 074
2V-K4975117 0683 064 234
3СПС63387 448264 052
4VIK112747 134147 895
5А01394536 905562 637
Players ranking
RankPlayerVillagesPointsTotal bash
1Ant1Player55324 1431 527 430
2Lis8153282 037548 688
3Nissaw34200 928796 088
4vasy7236170 326191 250
5mangusm33165 3321 052 103
Latest News
This is the end...
Hello Tribal Warriors !

I opened Tw2-Tools 4 years ago. It has been a great experience and I met a lot of good people.

Unfortunately, Innogames has never helped me to host, maintain and improve this website. Moreover, they forbade me to set ads to self-finance it.

All good things have an end. That's why I decided to close Tw2-Tools. It will be definitely closed on 16/12/2018.

Thanks to all who supported me !

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